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Born in Britain, Lydia Kakabadse is included in the Archive of Classical Greek Composers.  She was brought up in the Orthodox faith and this influence, together with medieval music, pervades this disc.  Her work is finely constructed and can be very beautiful, but she is so submerged by her influences that it is very difficult to detect her musical voice.  The Cantica Sacra is scored for unaccompanied male voices and consists of a Liturgical Cycle, Lenten Hymns and Marian Hymns, which are given a stunning performance by the six alumni of Clare College under the perceptive direction of Graham Ross.  The remaining work, Spectre of the Maiden Scorned, is a concert Requiem and is an interesting concept.  Created from Kakabadse’s own story and using complementary texts, it’s a tragic tale of love, greed and betrayal, scored for mezzo-soprano, male voices and instrumental ensemble.  The mood is sombre throughout and the use of the instrumental ensemble heightens the effect.  Again the performance is exceptional.


Choir & Organ Magazine (Sept/Oct 2016)




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