Variation on a theme by Diabelli

Austrian born publisher and composer Anton Diabelli (1781 – 1858) wrote a 32 bar waltz, which he sent to leading male composers of the Austrian Empire, asking each to write a variation on it. 

This variation, written in August 2021, is based on Diabelli’s left hand octave progressions as well as his tonic and dominant chord progressions, to which have been added syncopated rhythms.  Whilst there is no resemblance to Diabelli’s melody nor adherence to the 3/4 waltz time, the structure of two repeated parts has been retained, but in 4/4 time.  The first part is chordal and a little solemn.  The second part is made up of triplet arpeggios and is faster and lighter.  The fast speed adds to the overall dramatic and exciting effect.


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