Cantica Sacra Reviews

“an appealing concert suite”

“most engaging piece [Spectre of the Maiden Scorned]”

“Fans of …..composers (such as John Tavener) will find these pieces very comfortable”

“Those interested in traditional Orthodox liturgical music will also likely enjoy Kakabadse’s approach to choral writing”

 FANFARE (Carson Cooman – Sep/Oct 2016)

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“her [Kakabadse] work is finely constructed and can be very beautiful”

”stunning performance”

CHOIR & CHURCH ORGAN MAGAZINE (Shirley Radcliffe) – September 2016

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“very gifted and accessible composer”

“a mastery of counterpoint and a richness of ideas”

“beauties of the music”

“instantly enjoyable CD, which will give much pleasure”

MUSICWEB INTERNATIONAL (Michael Wilkinson) – August 2016

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“Lydia Kakabadse is a phenomenon and a virtual reincarnation of an early music master”

“highly memorable”

“her music is impressively singular”

“genuinely inspired vision of early sacred music with a movingly original modern flair”


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“thoroughly enjoyed………this album”


“listeners who enjoy (John) Tavener’s work within the Orthodox tradition will enjoy this release”

CROSS RHYTHMS (Steven Whitehead) – June 2016 ( 9 out of 10)

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“delightful CD”

(Kakabadse is) “clearly a compulsive overachiever”

“as moving and solemn a piece as you would expect”

THE CHRONICLE (CONGLETON) (Jeremy Condliffe) – June 2016

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“music is . . . . . like a ray of sunshine in a dark church”

“disc is highly recommended”

“fascinating composer”

“Kakabadse has a melodic gift”

MUSIC FOR SEVERAL INSTRUMENTS (Dean Frey) – April 2016 (5 out of 5)

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“Kakabadse deliberately engages [the tradition of the Orthodox liturgy] in a refined and careful way”

“there is something invigorating and vivid throughout her music”

PIZZICATO (Luxembourg, Remy Franck) – August 2016

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“beautifully produced”

“with obvious love and devotion”

METHODIST RECORDER (Rev. Harvey Richardson) – March 2017

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