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 “fourth movement [of The Coachman’s Terror] is expertly done”

“Dance of the Clockwork Toys is an utter delight”

“This [Recitativo Arioso] is a fascinating, intriguing piece”

“This is a most enjoyable disc of music”

FANFARE (Colin Clarke) – July 2017

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“Superb CD……music is magnificent”

“Immense musical beauty”

“Kakabadse’s talent at writing in this [Greek Orthodox music] style is supreme”

“I highly recommend it as one of the best CD’s of the decade”

THOMAS TAMVAKOS (Tamvakos Archive) – June 2017

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 “[played] with beauty of tone and conviction”

“distinctly influenced by styles of The Renaissance”

AMERICAN RECORD GUIDE (David W. Moore) – June 2017

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 “Superb performances of delightful music – one to hear again and again.”

“atmospheric and very tuneful”

“very moving work”

“tremendous pleasure to be gained from this music. More, please!”

MUSICWEB INTERNATIONAL (Michael Wilkinson) – May 2017

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“This recording… a useful calling card to introduce her to our country [Italy]”

“admired……in her home country”

“shows great attention to spirituality”

 AUDIOPHILE (ITALY) (Andrea Bedetti) – May 2017

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“The composer finds her very own enveloping and relaxing tone, which is delightful”

“inspiring music mix”

“special sound richness”

“pleasure overall”

PIZZICATO (LUXEMBOURG) (Uwe Krusch) – April 2017

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“strong contrapuntal technique”

“…displays composer’s ability to create counterpoint and color treatment of her lyrical idea”

 KZSU ZOOKEEPER ONLINE (Gary Lemco) – March 2017 

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“This charming album is already one of our favourites”

“’s the mixture of cultures that gives this its charm”

“..has the instant appeal of film music”

 THE CHRONICLE (CONGLETON) (Jeremy Condliffe) – March 2017

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“instantly accessible, genteel and well crafted works”

“very atmospheric”

“delightful [Recitativo Arioso +] Variations ……with two ingeniously constructed variations”


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“Kakabadse has a strong command of writing for string instruments”

“Her melodic material is very attractive, and the pieces are rich and resonant”

“beautiful work” (Cantus Planus)

JOURNAL OF THE IAWM (International Alliance for Women in Music) – Spring 2018

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